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Products in our Exhale Box

My Good Last Nerve Tea from Calabash Tea
Sunyatta, of Syrian-Jamaican/Cuban descent, learned her craft at her parent’s health food shop and juice bar. She studied as a Naturopath, learning the medicinal value of global teas, foods and spices. Today, she owns an aphrodisiac themed store in the heart of DC near Howard University.

Lavender vanilla Candle from Soul Wealth
Vikki is an author, mentor and thought-provoking speaker who inspires women to live purpose-filled lives. Her unique, joy-filled delivery helps women work through life challenges to gain clarity with confidence, positively impacting self-worth.  As a way to further encourage self-care, Vikki has a passion for curating wellness products and retreats that soothe and comfort the soul.

Lavender Hot/Cold Therapeutic Pack from Tiny Moon Boutique
Tiny Moon Boutique is a Mother & Daughter company whose mission is to create handmade items with exceptional quality. Their therapeutic packs are filled with natural ingredients that provide both hot and cold therapy to help women relax and unwind.

Essential Oil Roller Blend, Headache Relief  from Urban Serenité Apothecary
Catrina Mosby, owner of Urban Serenité Apothecary, is a beauty and wellness advocate and botanical product formulator. She is known for her holistic approach to healthy, radiant skin due to her personal battle with sensitive skin. She discovered her passion and mission to impact overall well-being with cruelty free, natural and organic products.

from Hunny Bunny Boutique
Leigh Bowland, owner of Hunny Bunny Boutique, created a boutique retail experience with the help of her two youngest daughters, Nya and Zuri.  As a team, each handmade product is made with care, and natural, healthy ingredients including items typically found in your own kitchen!

BOLD AND CONFIDENT JOY-Filled MUGS from CCS Marketing for JOY Collective
Our JOY-filled mugs are courtesy of Carolyn Lawson, a Black woman-owned merchandise company in Tampa, Florida.